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459 KG DOP Strength Steel Competition Plate Set

459 KG DOP Strength Steel Competition Plate Set

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FREE PICKUP OR DELIVERY WITHIN 25 MILES of Forney, TX. (Shipping for comparable sets by other major fitness brands typically costs an additional $700.)

The DOP Strength Steel Competition Plates are machine-calibrated and accurate to within 0.1% of plate face value. They are highly durable and color-coded with standardized competition plate colors for easy identification. These plates are USPA-certified for competition! Train with the exact equipment you will use on meet day for precise loading.   

NO CALIBRATION PLUGS: The machine precision cutting enables the plates to be made extremely accurately and you don't have to worry about losing calibration plugs & replacing stickers to hold plugs in place! 

RECESSED LOGO: The logo is cut inward instead of cast outward so as to last longer, as plate logos won't be in direct contact with other plates when loaded.
USPA Competition-approved!
Sold as a complete set. For individual plates, see the Olympic Steel Plates.

What the Set Includes:
(14x) 25 KG
(2x) 20 KG
(2x) 15 KG
(2x) 10 KG
(2x) 5 KG
(2x) 2.5 KG
(2x) 1.25 KG
(2x) 0.5 KG
(2x) 0.25 KG


Plate Diameter: 450 MM (for 25 and 20 KG)

Collar Openings: 51 MM 

Plate Width:
25 KG: 25 MM 
20 KG: 22.5 MM
15 KG: 21 MM
10 KG: 20 MM
5 KG: 16 MM
2.5 KG: 12 MM
1.25 KG: 10 MM
0.5 KG: 7 MM
0.25 KG: 5 MM
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