Schools and First Responders

Physical health is inextricably bound to mental health. Physical activity stimulates cognitive abilities like focus and memory and wards off neurodegenerative diseases, lethargy, and depression. For the bright young minds of tomorrow, no matter what subjects they may be studying, time spent in the gym or on the field is essential to forge them into the best possible versions of themselves.

For first responders, your physical ability to step up and do the jobs that others can't or won't may mean the difference between life or death. There's no excuse for being too weak or out of breath to do what needs to be done in a crisis. Your bodies are life-saving equipment, and they require constant honing to maintain peak efficacy.

Why PR Lifting TX:  We specialize in designing & outfitting fitness facilities & because we are local to the DFW area, we can offer huge savings on equipment, delivery, & installation that the bigger fitness brands based elsewhere logistically cannot match.

PR Lifting TX is ready to meet your fitness equipment needs whether you're building out a fitness center from scratch or upgrading an outdated facility. We offer complimentary design consultations: after evaluating your specific needs and budget and previewing your space, we can propose custom layouts to optimize the workout experience of your team or students. Once you've decided what you want, we also offer delivery and installation services. 

In addition to all our stock inventory, contact us and we can provide customized

- Rack colors to match your school or station colors

- Bumper plate logos with your mascot or school name

- Barbell colors to match your school or station colors

- Flooring to fit the dimensions of your space

In addition, we have an extensive catalogue of special-order items not listed on the website including but not limited to cable machines and jungle gyms. Even if it's not in the warehouse yet, there's a good chance we can fulfill your request. 

Tell us about what the gym of your dreams looks like, who's going to train there, and what their mission is -- and together we'll make it happen.