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PR Lifting TX

Max Power Bar

Max Power Bar

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The PR Max Power bar was designed specifically for powerlifting movements. The knurling is medium-sharp with a "grip you back" black manganese phosphate coating which provides all the grip you could want without the need for cheese grater-sharp knurling.  This is the BEST bar ever for any gym that does not allow chalk -- the knurling/coating combo is that good. We have also extended the loadable sleeve length to 18". The extra 1-2 inches of loading space compared to conventional power bars really comes in handy if you use bumper plates in conjunction with steel.



Weight: 45 LB

Coating: Black manganese phosphate (Very "grippy" coating with a strong resistance against corrosion)

Knurling: Medium-sharp with center knurling

Length: 86.6"

Shaft Diameter: 29mm

Loadable Sleeve Length: 18"


Warranty: Lifetime


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