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PR Lifting TX

Functional Trainer

Functional Trainer

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This sturdy, masterfully engineered all-in-one system will be the proud centerpiece of your fitness equipment collection. Functional trainers are extremely versatile and can provide endless exercise options without taking up too much space.

Possible exercises include but are not limited to: Chest flies, staggered chest press, many row/lat pull variations, AB woodchoppers, shoulder raise variations, shoulder press, biceps curls, triceps extensions, reverse flies, pullups, leg raises, hamstring curls, hip abduction/adduction, glute kickbacks, cable crunch downs & many more!  

The commercial cables, guide rods, weight stacks, and pulleys provide a smooth and consistent movement through full ranges of motion. The system is easy to adjust with its quick pop and lock features and visual position indicator marks.



Frame: 11-gauge steel, two-layer electrostatic powder coating.

Weight stacks: 220lb each side

Total weight of machine: 750lb

3 positions pull up bar

Commercial-grade cables and pulleys



Height: 82"

Width: 53" 

Depth: 42"

Back Corner Width: 25"


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